In-person and Telemedicine Appointment Policy Update

January 29, 2024
In-person and Telemedicine Appointment Policy Update

Atlanta Diabetes Associates has implemented new policies for in-person and telemedicine visits.

Beginning February 1, 2024, our clinic’s no-show fee will increase to $75.00. Patients who cannot keep their appointment must cancel no less than 24 hours before their appointment time.

Our clinic will continue to offer telemedicine visits to its patients. Still, we must require that patients visit the clinic for an in-person appointment once per year and be within the state of Georgia during all telemedicine visits. In addition, the Georgia Composite Medical Board has announced upcoming changes regarding specific medications that cannot be prescribed during telemedicine visits; for additional information, follow this link

To provide better care, we request that patients treated for diabetes bring their blood glucose meters, sensors, insulin pumps, and smart insulin pens to all appointments. Patients seen as telemedicine will receive MyChart messages before their appointment requesting this information if it has yet to be shared with the clinic. Many of these devices now use an app to collect and share data with our clinic; please verify all login information, usernames, and passwords for these apps before the appointment. Please take these steps to ensure appointments are completed on time.

Don’t hesitate to contact the office through MyChart or at 404-355-4393 for any questions