Thyroid Tablet Update

August 20, 2018
Important Thyroid Tablet Medication Update
Atlanta Diabetes Associates has reviewed the information related to the recall of thyroid tablets distributed in US by Westminster Pharmaceuticals. The medication was produced in China by Sinchuan Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. The FDA believes the was produced by a process that is considered substandard by Current Good Manufacturing Practices. To date, there have been no adverse(harmful outcome) events reported related to these medications.


It is important to understand that given the possible severe consequences of suddenly stopping thyroid replacement therapy, we recommend that you continue to take your current medication. Even if your medication is involved in the recall, you should continue to take it as prescribed until you obtain replacement medication.
The drugs are tablets that contain a mixture of levothyroxine(T4) and liothyronine(T3). Tablets that contain only levothyroxine or only liothyronine are not involved. The medication involved in the recall may be labelled as WP thyroid tablets, Thyroid tablets, Porcine thyroid tablets or generic for Armour thyroid or generic for NP-Thyroid. Branded Armour thyroid, Branded NP-thyroid and Branded Nature-throid are NOT INVOLVED in the recall. The involved doses are 15 mg(milligram), 30 mg, 60 mg, 90 mg and 120 mg. Drugs that are dosed in microgram (mcg) amounts are NOT INVOLVED in the recall.


If you are taking Synthroid, Levoxyl, Unithroid, Tirosint or generic levothyroxine, then your medication is not involved in the recall.


If you are taking Cytomel or generic Liothyronine, then your medication is not involved in the recall.


Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office so that your provider may assess your situation.


David G. Robertson MD


For additional information you can view the FDA Statement at