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The mission of Atlanta Diabetes Associates is to provide care to patients with diabetes and endocrine disorders based on current understanding of disease, current standards of patient care, and understanding of the individualized needs of our patients. Atlanta Diabetes Associates is committed to both the definition of and the implementation of the highest standards of care available for patients with endocrine disorders. It has been the privilege of this practice to participate in the process to develop the standards for care of patients with diabetes. We are committed to a widespread understanding of diabetes care.

Within our practice, we recognize that diabetes and endocrine disorders affect each individual in unique ways. It is our mission to appreciate the individual needs of our patients and combine those with the treatment options that are best suited to meet their needs.

We are committed to patient education and participation in the implementation of treatment plans so that the best care can be provided. We believe that partnership between patients and providers produce opportunities for health to be maintained on the long-term basis.